Show season

You know its show season when you sit down and start typing, only to realize that you didn’t do anything all week because you were either working late every night, had to be at rehearsal, or were trying to sleep every second you could because every other waking moment was spent doing something else. Susan is working on the Barber of Seville, which is in freaking Italian so that’s pretty cool, but introduces a lot of challenges, because you know, it’s in Italian. Rehearsals are in full swing for them and it is shaping up to be an amazing opera. I myself am also starting to hit crunch time for Argonautika, so I’ve spent tons of time in the studio building sound effects and dialing in cues in QLab (special software we use to play back sound effects and music) so that we are ready to go when we get into the theatre. Up until now they have just been rehearsing in a rehearsal room, so once they get onto stage everyone else (lighting, scenic, costumes, etc.) will all start fighting to have their department be the most important and take the most attention during those rehearsals so sound is just doing everything we can to mitigate the madness that is invariably tech week.

I am also working on another show right now, venturing out a little bit from my normal area of sound and dabbling in projections. One of the new things that is getting incorporated into theatre is the use of projections as part of the show. They can be used for things ranging from simple title cards to full-blown projection mapping where you have projectors projecting onto complex curved surfaces and objects to make them light up (if you’ve seen the new Frozen show at California Adventure or a building with video projected onto the side of it, that’s projection mapping). What I’m doing falls somewhere in between. The show is Hamlet, and the director (a Master’s Student) wanted to play with the idea of spying in the show. As such, we are going in a James Bond-esque direction with the show, where everyone is dressed like James Bond, kicking butt and taking names in a spy thriller variation on Hamlet. We are using computer monitors (not projectors, but same principle) to look like the banks of video monitors in surveillance control rooms that you see in movies, and are using cameras to get live feeds of what is going on. Its a new perspective and an interesting take on the show, but it is going to look amazing. You can find out more info here. It’s been a heck of a time getting everything together, trying to power five individual monitors and get four cameras into a laptop on a student budget, but slowly and surely it’s coming together.

Mothers day was also this past week. Both of our mothers are back in California, but you can be assured that we did talk with them and tell them thank you for birthing us. It was particularly special for me because I was able to Skype my brother who is currently serving a mission for our church in Brazil. They are teaching people about Christ and His gospel 24/7 so we don’t get to talk too much, but we were able to skype with him for Mother’s day in a conference call with my parents back in CA as well. Technology is so cool!

And, despite the never-ending onslaught of rehearsal notes and work calls, Susan and I managed to enjoy ourselves last weekend. Somehow we both wound up not having work on Saturday, which is the first time I can remember that happening in months. So, we did what anyone would do, and really enjoyed sleeping in. We took care of some miscellaneous stuff in the morning and then in the afternoon drove up to Salt Lake to enjoy the afternoon. We wandered around City Creek Mall for a while, pretending we were cool and hip (but were seriously disturbed at what some of the ‘trendy’ stores are selling; I don’t know who told them bringing back the 90’s was a good idea, but they were incredibly misguided) then treated ourselves to a nice dinner with a gift card we had laying around. The food was good, but watching all the awkward high school prom students walking to dinner across the street was arguably better.

After dinner was over, we hobbled up to Ensign Peak, which for those unfamiliar with local Mormon history in the area was the place Brigham Young and some other leaders walked up to shortly after the Mormon pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley to plan out the city. It’s a short hike if you can even call it that, coming in at a mile round trip, but a cool trip nonetheless. It offers an incredible view of the entire valley, stretching for miles in any direction (except behind you. That’s just a hill). We went up just before sunset, and despite freezing our everything off because it decided to get super windy at the top, enjoyed watching the sun dip behind the hills at the far end of the Great Salt Lake. It was a great day, being able to finally get out of Provo and go do something fun. Here’s to more adventures!

IMG_2285That’s all for this week. If you see me around campus and I look like I’m asleep, its probably because I am. Don’t be offended if I don’t say hi or recognize your existence, as I’m most likely asleep on the inside, walking around campus as a ghost of a person cause that’s just how tech week goes. Why we love theatre so much is anyone’s guess, yet we keep doing this to ourselves so it’s a good thing we enjoy it!

Until the next adventure,

Matt and Susan


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  1. Grandparents McGehee says:

    We have seen the special effects you are working on in the road company productions of Neverland and An American in Paris. They added greatly to the staging of the show.


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