Zion National Park

So let’s start off with the fact that Matt and I suck at writing. Actually, this week we had a good reason. AKA we both worked a ton, which was a huge blessing but also very tiring. Matt’s schedule was: Wake up at 6:30, work 8-4, compose/do paperwork/be a sound designer for his spring show at BYU 4-7, implement said music into rehearsal 7-11 and basically do the same thing all week. I on the other hand went work 10-2, rehearsal for BYU’s spring opera 2-5, then work backstage at a show 5 (sometimes earlier) to 10ish. Regardless, we still had time to watch the Ducks game on Friday night til 1 because they won in double overtime after coming back 3-0 in the last 3 minutes of the 3rd period. It was AWESOME! Anyways, back to talking about our trip to Zion cause that’s actually what you probably want to read about.

So Matt and I finished finals on Tuesday, so we decided to head out Wednesday morning. We ended up leaving Provo around 11am then drove the 4 hours down. We finally got there and camped in a campground right outside Zion. (We didn’t plan early enough ahead to camp inside the park, but this place was actually really nice) So anyways there was this awesome view of the sheer canyon walls both behind and in front of our campsite and we really enjoyed it. We quickly set up our tent (I had gotten Matt a tent for Christmas) then left to adventure, buy our perishables, and eat dinner. And oh was this an adventure. So we had heard of a place pretty close to the park called Toquerville Falls. The thing is that you have to drive out to it on a, to quote our sources, “a nicely maintained dirt road.” So we’re thinking you know like just dirt. But no. So we take our 2005 Honda Accord onto said dirt road and get about 2 miles in (of the 5 miles) and decide we’ve made a terrible mistake and turn around. Let’s just say it wasn’t very well maintained (for an accord) and had lots of rocks. For a dirt biking, 4-wheeler, or truck road it wasn’t bad, but not for an accord. Anyways, so we get out of there and drive to St. George to go out to dinner (it was my birthday so we decided to not eat camp food) then pick up groceries at Albertson’s (unfortunately not Walmart where I would relive the good ‘ole Lake Powell trip days) then head back to camp while catching the sunset on the way back.IMG_2832 2IMG_2844 2IMG_2893 2IMG_2931 2

The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast, then headed for Angel’s Landing. Now can I just say, we couldn’t have picked a better weekend to go? It was clear skies and 70 degrees with a nice breeze to keep us from roasting in the Utah desert. So we hit Angel’s Landing kind of between the morning and afternoon crowds. And man, was it beautiful. That’s what I love about hiking in beautiful places, is the journey is amazing. Also, Matthew was in heaven. To say he loves rocks is an understatement. And the rocks in Zion are beautiful so we had a blast hiking Angel’s Landing. It was so satisfying getting to the top. We ate lunch there and just stared at the amazing view. There was also a couple in front of us (maybe 20 feet away) that got engaged with us watching (we told him good job). Anyways, even though it is kinda sketchy being up that high, it is so worth it. IMG_2980 2IMG_2989 2IMG_3010 2IMG_3022 2IMG_3048 2IMG_3060IMG_3081IMG_3099 2IMG_3171IMG_3186IMG_3194IMG_3199IMG_3212IMG_3225

After heading down from Angel’s Landing, we filled up our camelbaks and decided we still had a while to do another shorter, easier hike and had heard that the Emerald pools were really cool. Upon reaching them, they weren’t really emerald nor full (I guess the water flow wasn’t high enough yet or something) but they were still pretty cool regardless. IMG_3277IMG_3285IMG_3297IMG_3306 2IMG_3324IMG_3360

After that hike we were heading back to the shuttle and found a bunch of deer! That’s the cool thing about Zion is the wild life are just chillin’ though also sad when the tourists try to touch them and feed them and things and don’t keep a distance (unless we happened upon them which normally ended up in them spooking us, there’s a great story about that later). IMG_3362IMG_3383 2

We ended up getting back to our campsite at around 8:30 and subsequently making our dinner in the dark. We also learned that our tent’s rain fly should remain closed with any chance of wind because dirt easily enters the windows. Haha. That was fun.

Anyways, the next morning we woke up and ate breakfast then debated what we would do for the day. We wanted to do the Observation Point trail as well as Hidden Canyon, but decided it would probably just be better to do just one. In the end we took some advice given us from a friend and went to Hidden Canyon and wow was that amazing. We got up the main trail in about 30 minutes or so, but then went exploring in the Hidden Canyon. It was lots of rock scrambling and adventuring and taking hidden trails to cool places (we found a Lion King rock. It was awesome). Again, needless to say Matt was in heaven. IMG_3413IMG_3434IMG_3456IMG_3461IMG_3468IMG_3471IMG_3498IMG_3509 2IMG_3518 2IMG_3529IMG_3544 2IMG_3553IMG_3557IMG_3567IMG_3578IMG_3660

After spending 5 hours exploring Hidden Canyon, we decided to take the River walk that leads to the Narrows, which again. Beautiful. IMG_3728IMG_3731IMG_3732IMG_3738IMG_3741 2IMG_3791 2IMG_3794

Anyways, sorry that was a long post. Wow so many pictures. Props to you if you made it to the end. We sure had fun and definitely can’t wait until our next adventure!


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