So something that I have been thinking about lately is something unique that I don’t know if anyone notices but it’s also something that I think is really cool, and that is the story of Matt and my wedding rings.

I actually personally have 4 rings, each meaning something special. So Matthew originally proposed to me almost a month before we made it public with a tie line ring. So the story behind that ring is that tie line is a sort of string that we use in the theatre, both in sound and lighting, and sometime in our relationship, I believe it was while Matt was on his mission and I was in school, that I told him that if we were to get engaged, I wouldn’t care if it was a tie-line ring as long as we were engaged. IMG_2211

A month later, he proposed to me with a ring that he had made, that is part heirloom. This ring was the original design of my grandmother on my mom’s side’s wedding ring but with a few modifications. He was originally going to propose with that ring, but it was a yellow gold ring and I personally like white gold better, as well as the band was wearing thin. He decided to take the main diamond from that ring and have it redone in white gold with the two side diamonds as two from one of his grandmother’s rings. So the middle diamond is from my side and the two smaller ones are from his side. Definitely something extremely special and precious to me.


My third one is my wedding band which is just a white gold twist ring that is kind of just to remember the tie-line ring. I will get to my fourth one in a minute.

Matthew’s ring is a black tungsten ring that we decided to get for him because as we work in a dirty environment and Matt uses his hands a lot, it is a ring that won’t scratch or break or bend or anything, but also looks classy. We decided that if he wanted down the road that we would get him a nicer one for an anniversary or something. This is where my fourth ring comes in. Because I also work in a dirty, use my hands a lot sort of environment, I didn’t want my rings that have so much sentimental meaning to get trashed. I opted to get another ring like his, black tungsten, that I didn’t have to worry about because they’re not terribly expensive (mine was like $10 off amazon). I call it my “work ring.” Our black tungsten rings, even though they aren’t very expensive are sentimental in a different way because we didn’t just get them because of work and our profession. We have always talked about wanting to travel, and many places we want to go are dirty or would use our hands a lot (we like adventure). So we made the decision to get these rings so that we could go on our adventures and not have to worry about trashing our rings, so these rings have the sentiment of all of the places that we have and will travel together. We decided that while at Zion National Park that we would take a picture of our rings everywhere we went to remember where we have been. And that’s the story of our rings. (for this picture, excuse our puffy hands, we had been hiking all day)



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