Earth Day, Birthdays, and Parties

Wow this week seems like so long ago. Ok. It’s fine haha. I guess we can start with finals. So the beginning of the week started off with some momentum then kinda just slowed down after the last day of classes. I personally only have (had) 4 actual finals, but one was a performance of a devised piece (which for me not being an actor went pretty well), another was an interview, one will be a presentation and the other was an actual written final. With only the presentation left, finals have actually been pretty chill for me. Matthew on the other hand, hasn’t had very many finals (one he does have he claims he needs a 50% to keep his A) and doesn’t seem to be too worried about them, but has spent his time in meetings for upcoming productions over the summer, as well as in our back room which has now become his “studio.” And let me tell you. When the door to that room is open and he is not wearing earphones… the noises, music and sounds I hear coming from that room can be… well. interesting. To give him credit, he is working extremely hard to compose and design for a show that opens in June and ancient Greek music is SUPER WEIRD. So I guess that’s not his fault. And apparently they’re basically underscoring half the show and it is starting to sound really amazing what he’s doing so I  really am proud.

Also this past week on Tuesday was Matt’s birthday! (and our last day of hockey class, I promise it will relate and I’m not trying to discredit his birthday). Ok so back story for hockey class. Basically, a good friend of ours and Matt’s old roommate (yes you, hi Chris if you’re reading this), is on the BYU hockey team and convinced Matt to take the hockey class with him last winter semester. It didn’t take much convincing because it has been a secret dream of Matt’s to play hockey, so he took the class. He then spent the past year trying to convince me to take it with him, and the conversations normally went like this “so are you gonna take the hockey class with me?” “*very skeptical glance* ehhhhhh… we’ll see” and thus went the past year. The thing is, I’m all for contact, rough sports, I mean I love water polo and stuff, but hockey involved skating, very hard ice which hurts to fall on, and using a stick. And I wasn’t the best skater. So basically I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t super sold on the idea of taking a hockey class. Even after the first two classes I contemplated dropping the class, but I think my pride got the better of me so I didn’t. And I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T cause it was probably my favorite day of the week. So back to Matthew’s birthday. As I have already stated, he loves hockey and loves to play it. So on our last day (his birthday) he did so awesome with 3 assists and 1 goal! It was pretty cool and he was very happy with himself. Also, I would have a picture with him in there too, but he had a meeting to get to and had already changed.

FullSizeRender 3

Anyways, so then later that night, after his meeting, he decided that he wanted to be adventurous and try a new place to eat for his birthday dinner, so we went to Cubbys. It was sooo good. seriously. If you live in Provo or Utah and haven’t been, their burgers are great. I also made him his favorite birthday tradition oatmeal cake.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2

Then this weekend was pretty awesome. First, on Saturday it was EARTH DAY! Matt always teases me and calls me a hippie and tree hugger but you know what, the earth is so great and we should protect it! Basically, I’m just super grateful to have grown up so close to the ocean and to have gone exploring as a kid, I love the earth because it not only holds so much beauty but it is my home! I’m just glad we have a day to celebrate the earth. But OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. We felt so proud of ourselves this weekend. We were actually social this weekend! Between Saturday and Sunday we went to 4 parties. Seriously, I’m pretty sure thats more parties than we have been to since we got married. It was way fun to get out and have fun. So on Saturday, our ward had a party because we won our stake’s march madness competition (aka we indexed the most names in the stake) so the high priest over our ward hosted an awesome party and it was super fun. Then, we had to leave early to make it to a good friend of ours and fellow designer’s birthday party! Which, it’s always fun to hang out with theatre friends outside of the theatre so that was a blast. Then on Sunday, our ward had a linger longer where everyone brings all the amazing homemade mormon food. And to top it all off, we had an end of the year work party which was so fun because, again, any time you can hang out with theatre friends outside of the theatre is a ton of fun.

SO anyways, that was our week. We had lots of fun and are SO STOKED for our week in zion this coming week. Just to finish our finals…




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