Brace yourselves – finals are coming!

Tis the season. Anxiety on campus is so thick you could cut it. Students shuffle across campus like a modestly dressed zombie, fueled only by Sodalicious and fear over what lays ahead. The nights get later and the mornings get earlier as student prepare for a week of testing that could arguably be considered torture. Finals.

Honestly, finals week (or lack thereof) is the greatest reason to be a TMA student. Instead of cramming in hours upon hours studying something you’ll forget by the end of next week for a three-hour regurgitation session in the testing center (where there are probably more prayers offered per square foot than anywhere else) we spend that same amount of time over the last three weeks of school working on applicable, resume-building projects that are actually enjoyable. Susan and I have managed to only be in the testing center once apiece this semester – for a hockey test that took 6 minutes. While it’s not to say that we don’t have other finals, we are at least fortunate enough to not have to while away hours in the testing center, waiting in impossibly long lines for cramped seats. I myself have been working on a computer science project extensively until this Thursday when I passed it off a week early (probably a personal record) and have now turned to some composition projects for a show I’m working on as well as redesigning the sound to a movie trailer for my sound design class. Our assignment was to take a trailer and strip all of the audio, replacing everything (effects, dialogue, music) with our own. I thought I’d start an internet war and am redoing the original Star Wars trailer with music and sounds from Star Trek. So far it’s looking pretty good, but has been enjoyable regardless.

Yesterday my dad drove up from CA to drop some stuff off to us. I had an old piano I wanted (since I’m doing a lot of composition for some plays in the next little while) and having it at home in our apartment would help significantly, so my dad was kind enough to drive out here and eventually spend more time driving than actually in Provo, but that’s just the kind of guy he is. He drove in late Friday night and when he arrived it was like Santa came into town, except instead of a sled full of gifts, it was a Highlander filled with birthday gifts (plus a piano and some greatly appreciated California strawberries). We visited briefly then went our separate ways until Saturday morning, when we crammed a full Saturday’s worth of activities into a single morning. Susan and I both had work (or at least I thought I did) so we got up early before heading to breakfast at Chic-fil-a (a favorite of ours) and then on to REI in Sandy to pick up some stuff Susan and I need for a trip up to Zion next week. We got back and went to lunch so we could get to work on time, when I texted a coworker and realized there had been some miscommunication and I no longer needed to go to work. So off Susan went and my dad stayed a little bit longer doing one of the obligatory things one must do in Provo – a trip to the BYU Bookstore. I needed a few things so we went shopping briefly before picking up groceries and loading up his car with the stuff from my sister in law’s apartment (who is currently vacationing in HI, for which Susan and I aren’t bitter in the slightest) and headed back down to Irvine.

I spent the rest of the day working on the myriad projects I’ve got going on while Susan was out supporting the family at work. She’s been the co-Master Electrician for Chariot’s of Fire at BYU, and yesterday was closing night so she won’t have to spend her nights on campus anymore for that, just in time for me to turn around and start spending nights on campus for rehearsals for my shows! Oh well, such is the life of theatre.

In two weeks though we will have a brief respite from the chaos of student life as we have a few days after finals end before we need to be anywhere, so we will be spending the latter half of the week down in Zion! It is something we have both wanted to do for the longest time, and we are beyond excited to be camping and hiking again in one of the coolest parks in Utah. We’ve got the campsite reserved, equipment squared away, and plans are slowly starting to take shape. We are really looking forward to the change of pace and enjoying nature’s finest canyons as we distract ourselves from work and responsibility with slot canyons, rivers, and cliff faces that we probably shouldn’t be on but will be anyways.

Until next week,

The Kupferer’s

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  1. Susan McGehee says:

    Loved reading about your loves. Have a great time in Zion. ❤️

    Susan McGehee 310 545-4112



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