New Pages In Life

So just a bit about us and why we are starting this blog.

Both of us are from sunny Southern California and are currently students at Brigham Young University. We grew up in the same home town (about 3 minutes away from each other, in fact), but didn’t meet until about 8th grade. We were mainly acquaintances then but as we moved into high school, we began to develop more of a friendship by working on theatre productions together.

Our families began to carpool and eventually we began to be really good friends, even though everyone said we fought like an old married couple. Eventually, Matthew finally  asked Susan out on a date. Susan nervously said yes (even though a friend had already told her that he was going to ask) and we went on our first date to Boudin’s Sourdough Bakery. Everything was going great until the fire alarm went off. It was an awesome date.

We began going out on more and more dates and eventually “officially” were in a relationship for the rest of high school and until Matthew left on his mission to Kennewick, WA. Susan soon followed, leaving on her mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After Susan returned in December, we started dating again off and on and after finally figuring out what we were doing, we became “official” again in March. We were recently married in August in the Newport Beach LDS Temple and have been crazy busy ever since.

We are currently are both studying tech and design for theatre; Matt is studying sound design and Susan is studying stage management and on the side light design. We are constantly busy with shows and work (Matt at BYU Broadcasting as an engineer and Susan in the theatre department as a lighting technician), but like to make time to go snowboarding or escape Provo.

As for why we are starting this blog: we have both had some sort of blog in the past just talking about our lives, so we decided that in this new stage in life we should probably keep track of our weeks and document it in some form. That and we both have siblings that are or will be on missions and suck at writing a weekly email, so we’re hoping this will motivate us.

We also hope to be going on fun adventures this summer, so this would be a place to write about them and post some fun pictures.

So anyways, that’s us. We’ll see if anyone reads about anything.

TTFN (ta-ta for now)


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